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Finally, a solution that helps your dry, damaged, burned or blemished skin heal. Naturally.

skin solution dramatically works for dry, sensitive, and damaged (burns + blemishes) skin  on many levels:

  • Nourishing dry skin to bring back it’s natural moisture barrier
  • Naturally Fortifying deep layers of skin to help it heal itself quickly
  • Soothing damaged, burned and sensitive skin naturally
  • Safe non-toxic formula contains no harsh toxic chemicals or additives.
  • Protection from infection as a truly natural first aid product

After years of seeing how natural, plant-based oils healed horses skin better than clinically-approved, but chemically-based lotions on the market, ibody science® founder Saga Stevin set her sights on creating something safe and naturally effective for people, too.


Her successful journey led to skin solution™ the perfect mix of nutritional functional oils and natural, organic and essential extracts formulated to give the skin what it needs – to do what it does best: Heal itself!


Because all skin is bio-chemically the same, this formula works on all skin types. skin solution™ is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phyto (plant based) nutrients that rapidly promote healthy skin development. Non-toxic, all natural + safe for the entire family!

  • Razor Burns + Sensitive Skin
  • Diaper Rash + Boo-Boos
  • Anti-aging+ Moisturizing
  • Breakouts + Blemishes
  • Sun Burn+ Steam Burns
  • Bug Bites + Poison Ivy.

For dry, damaged (burns + blemishes) and sensitive skin issues you need help with – Try it and See!


skin solution™
Healthy, beautiful skin – Naturally!